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Yannick Robert “GUITAR SITAR” Signature Model
Technical specifications

Hollow body
Top mapple & rosewood
Body & neck mohagony
Ebony fretboard
25,5 '' scale
S.Duncan pickups
Fretless Bridge system

Listen to Yannick Robert playing on the Guitar Sitar : “Fragile” (Sting)

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“POCKET PICKER” Yannick Robert Signature
tool for practicing & mastering guitar techniques

Pocket Picker is a tool that allows you to simulate some part of the work you can usually do on a real guitar. Its small size makes it easy to carry with, and its low sound level allows you to use it - almost - everywhere ! Think about it when you travel by train, by bus, etc..., or if you want to warm up before a concert. The small ranging of this instrument requires precision and strength in the fingers, that makes it even more efficient.
and in addition
To improve fingerpicking or to start in this technic, take advantage of this new method developed by Yannick Robert. A lot of young guitar players start playing with a pick and have no idea about all the playing possibilities such an instrument can offer. This method will give you a lot of practicing ideas. Whatever your technical level is, you will find many exercises that will help you to progress and to have a solid fingerplaying technic.
Method to download
9 €