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Youtube Channel YR


Since january 2020 Yannick Robert opened his Youtube Channel, where you wille find some concerts extracts with his numerous bands ((Blues & Beyond Quartet, Soul Cages Trio, Millenium Trio, Branwen Quartet, etc..., tutorials about a bunch of topics, and a playlist titled Solistrings, with a lot of guitar solo arrangements of different tunes.



Agora CD





Born in 2018, is to follow the Blues & Beyond Quartet, set up in 2010 by Yannick Robert and Sébastien Charlier, with Dominique Di Piazza and Yoann Schmidt,which released two albums (La Danse du Chat and Echec et Malt), with many international tours (Asia, Indian Ocean, Europe, Russia, Roumania, Canarias).

This new quartet is more acoustic jazz oriented, In a more opened formula with a great place for melodies and a true esthetic research in the climax. Franck Agulhon and Diégo Imbert are the solid rythm section of the band, rich and subtil in the use of different sounds, while Yannick Robert and Sébastien Charlierwrite the music, together, or separetely, and bring, each one in his own way, an harmonic and melodic texture served by the electric guitar and a great use of reverbs that reminds ECM world, and by the diatonic harp, totally at the opposite of what we are used to hear with this instrument

Their first album Secret de Polichinelle,has been recorded at Studio 26 in Antibes in june 2018 by Fred Bétin, mixed at the Tontons Flingueurs in Renaison in september 2018 by Pascal Coquard, and has been released in october 2019 by Alien Beats Records (Inouïe Distribution).



Inde Eouzgang



Yannick Robert will be touring in India with drummer Yves Éouzan's quintet. Five concerts in different venues through Delhi, Pune, Bengalore, and Delhi again.




Since januaryr 2019, Yannick Robert is endorsed bySAVAREZ strings.
He plays the FOCUS 10/46 on electric, and Cantica Premium Création on electro-acoustic.





MAI BOOKS Editions (Music Academy International) have released this new method available in Pdf on Amazon. Those atudies (based on triads, arpeggios, and classical studies) are very useful for guitar player willing to improvise. These are technical studies but based on music and melodies developpement more than physical endurance. The online school imusic-school propose all the videos of this book !





In july 2017, Yannick Robert, Franck Agulhon and Benoit Vanderstraeten have recorded a new album, with a great and warm sound, beautiful melodies, and a lot of space. Nine compositions and two arrangements (Presley and Brasssens) for this album whose release concert will take part on the28th of june at SUNSET JAZZ-CLUB in Paris.




ALBUM RELEASE oON THE 15th of septembre 2017

20 ans after the album DIX CORDES DE NUIT, the duet Yannick ROBERT/Benoit VANDERSTRAETEN makes it again with BAÏKAL, a brand new album where the two old chaps feel free to improvise around ten new compositions alternating grooves, ballads, latin jazz, swing... From total free-jazz in TEN YEARS AFTER to the splendid climax of N 611, it's a new opus looking towards beauty, maturity and serenity.


soul cages



La sortie officielle de l'album du Soul Cages Trio est prévue pour le 26 mai prochain, lors du concert que le groupe donnera au Sunset Jazz Club à Paris, mais il est d'ores déjà téléchargeable sur toutes les plate-formes, et sur le site du distributeur INOUÏE.




New duet album in 2016

After the success of their first album "Dix Cordes de Nuit" in 1998, Yannick Robert and Benoit Vanderstraeten will get together again in studio next september, to release a new album of melodic and jazz compositions !


YR Trio


Yannick Robert Trio : back to work!

After Vaci Utca (Musea Records/2005), encensed by Jazz press, the trio get together again for several concerts and a new album in 2017 ! First gig : the 28 of june 2016 at the Music Academy International in Nancy.



Recording session in 2016

The Soul Cages Trio will record in october 2016 his first album dedicated to Jazz and fusion arrangements of Sting's music. A tour will be set up in 2017, with already a few concerts at the end of this year in Savoie.



Indian Ocean tour september 2015

The Ernest Wiehe Jazz Festival in Maurice on saturday 12, followed by other concerts in La Réunion with the excellent Emmanuel Félicité on drums and Kiki Mariapin on bass.



Nouveau ! Le Soul Cages Trio : A Jazz Tribute to Sting !

This trio features Yannick Robert (guitare), Bruno Schorp (upright bass) and Cédric Affre (drums). It performs on special Jazz arrangements of the British Pop-Rock musicians' most gentleman.

First show on the 24 february 2015 at the Baiser Salé in Paris.

  Asian Tour may 2014

The BBQ will celebrate at the Sunset Jazz Club of Paris on the 10 th of may 2014, the Asian tour starting on the following day going through Bangkok, Hua Hin and Kuala Lumpur.
  First school of music on the Web, offers electric guitar lessons Jazz Fusion with Yannick Robert.

With Yannick Robert, learn how to master percussion comping. In this electric guitar fingerstyle comping masterclass you will study such styles as funk, blues, jazz, bossa nova and four songs : Fragile by Sting, Don't know Why by Norah Jones, Isn't she Lovely by Stevie Wonder and James by Pat Metheny. Yannick Robert teach you how to play percussions on the guitar in order to improve your groove. Learn how to add percussions in your playing, with both right hand and left hand, slapping the strings and your guitar neck. More details here.
  Video interview for GUITARISTE.COM - June 21, 2013

Interview with Yannick Robert, directed to the “Atelier 58” during the release of the last album of the Blues and Beyond Quartet “La Danse du Chat” before the arrival of the new album “Échecs et Malt” planned for September 2013..

A view in interviews - In french
  Recording sessions of BBQ second album “Échecs et Malt” are finished !

It will be mixed in june and will be released in september 2013. The BBQ will present the new repertory at the Sunset Jazz Club of Paris the 05 th of june 2013.
  From 24 to 29 of aprill 2013, second CD recording at the Real World studios

Done ! The Blues & Beyond Quartet will record his second album at the mythic Peter Gabriel's Real World studios.
  Pocket Picker signature model Yannick Robert by Mike Sabre

From a collaboration with Mike Sabre, this Pocket Picker, with the method that comes with it, is the ideal tool for practicing or improving finger picking comping, and to warm up before a concert. More details here.
  Cine-concert on the O.M.S of The Artist on the 23 rd of september 2012 in Strasbourg with the Philharmonic Orchestra

Yannick Robert has been invited by the Strasbourg philharmonic orchestra to take part in the cine-concert on the O.M.S of The Artist the 23 rd of september at the Strasbourg PMC (salle Érasme).
  BBQ will start in septembre 2012 a world tour concerts

In Roumania (september), Canarias Islands (october), Russia (november), Thaïlandia (december), then Haïti, China, Thaïlandia, Ukraine in 2013. All détails in concerts.
  New album available on all the platforms !!

The 1st album of the Blues & Beyond Quartet "La Danse du Chat" available at Amazon and Alien Beats Records
See details and listen to extracts in discography
  Radio Alpa : « Des Paroles et des Notes… » presented by Thierry DocMac - 24/02/2012 Le Mans (FR)
Interview and concert live of “l' Inventaire” with Yannick Robert, Sébastien Charlier & Nicolas Garnier.

Listen in interviews - In French
  16/12/2011 Magazine Groove Tendances December 16, 2011 about the CD “La Danse du Chat”
Extract from article to read in interviews (in french). The magazine is available for download on the App Store

To read also an article about the CD "La Danse du Chat" on the December 2011 issue of Jazz Magazine
  FR3 Bretagne - JT 19/20 Rennes - 28/07/2011

Video report on “Blues & Beyond Quartet” during their actuation in “Jazz in Vannes” on July 27th, 2011.
To see in interviews - In French